This is the start of something beautiful...

I’ve not done my hair, there are quite a few tasks half done right now and yet I’ve sat down to write, I feel compelled to write, to get out thoughts before they disappear again.

You may have noticed Novella has not been posting much/ at all in the last few months.

I’ve been trying to be brave, to find a way to communicate what is happening with Novella, but failed time after time.

Novella to me was created out of my desire, to tell stories, to photograph women. To ensue hope and encourage women to see themselves as I did – beautiful.
I wanted to create something more than the airbrushed images and perfect Instagram feeds with are bombarded with daily, and make us feel like we are never enough.

I felt that I knew how to see beauty in everyone and loved drawing it out of people.
However I got Pneumonia and running Novella as a business left me feeling run down and exhausted, and Ivy feeling much the same. Ivy has taken time off to focus on her health, and I commend her for doing so.
I have taken some time as well to re asses where I would like novella to go.

What I came to is this;
I will still be offering bridal boudoir through my other business Patina Photography – details for this will soon appear on that website. I will still take fashion work and pregnancy shoots if you ask me nicely.

I have realised that to create work that really truly means something, I need to get to reconnect with myself and remember who I am.
So Novella is now going to become a personal blog, an outlet for me to create art, experiment, write and express myself.

I’d just like to end by saying a huge thank you to those of you who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. To those who have supported Ivy and I so far.
Thank you to those of you who liked our page, left kind comments, followed our Instagram, sent lovely emails, told us your stories, told us your doubts, fears and dreams. Thank you to the incredible women I met and photographed, and to everyone who inspired us along the way.
While I will no longer be doing paid shoots for Novella I think the work I will begin to make will pay me in ways money never could.

Follow along if you like, and I won’t be offended if you don’t.

I’m also looking for other creatives to collaborate with me on some projects in the new year so if this sounds like you please get in touch!

Thank you for reading